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Antibiotic Milk

How can you know for sure? Here’s how the dairy community makes sure your milk is safe:
  • First, dairy farmers take special care to make sure their cows are healthy. When a cow is sick and does need antibiotics, they follow best practices to help the animal recover. 
  • While the cow is on Antibiotics, she’ll be housed in a special area and her milk will be kept separated and until the drugs have fully cleared her system. Read one farmer and veterinarian’s story of how he/she decided to use antibiotics to help a sick cow recover.
  • Watch dairy farmer Brenda Hastings explain how farmers help keep antibiotics out of milk. The testing and protocols don’t end there.
  • When a milk truck comes to pick up a dairy’s milk, the driver takes a sample of the milk. Once the driver arrives at the milk plant, another sample is taken and tested.


  • No Single touch of human body to milk in complete milk process from farm to your Fridge

Organic Milk & Products

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Cattle Feed

    While the Arya cattle Feed has been considered the creation of the following things.
  • 1) To use the full potential of Buffalo's highest natural growth.
  • 2) the health of animals and animal fat increase milk production and milk without any adverse effects.
  • 3) to increase capacity by reducing breeding bhakadakala.
  • 4) from Metabolic disease (eg. Low kelsiyamaci) so that the maximum protection to cut upacarakharcata. Kohinoor good feed is available in 50 kg plastic packing.

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