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A.K. OXYGEN Baramati

A.K. Oxygen is one of the main Company in Our A.K Group Of Companies Organization.It provides the all Industrial and Medical Gases(Liquid) since last more than 6 years in MIDC Baramati(Pune). We are Supplier,Trader,Refiller of gases with High Quality and Services.We also Refill the Cylinders of Oxygen (O2) gas, Liquid Nitrogen(LN2) as well as Varity of Gases like Carbon Dioxide(CO2),Argon,Nitrogen(N2),Dissolved Acetylene(D.A),Nirous Oxide()N2O, Bladder Accumlator(Nitrogen Oil) used for varied Industrial, Medical and Lab Applications.

We also provides 24/7 Gas Service. Lots of Customer are satisfied with our Quality and Service. If any Home patient require Oxygen Gas then we provides Gas Cylinder without Charge of Refilling with (T&C). So any needful can contact with us for this service.

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OXYGEN (O2) Industrial/Medical
Nitrogen (N2) Industrial
Argon Commercial & UHP
Carbon DiOxide(CO2) Industrial
Nitrous Oxide Medical
Dissolved Acetylene(D.A) Industrial

A.K. Oxygen Baramati (Pune) always Welcomes Customer and Suggestions..

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